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Newspaper Clippings
  The BEAT SCIENTISTS - German percussionists Florian Schiertz and Wolfram Winkel script a new musical language   One can never master Indian classical music - Times of India, March 2014   Beats across the border - The Hindu, 2014    
  A confluence of laya and beats - The New Indian Express, 2014   Path breaking   Soul of music can cross boundaries    
  Bridging the cultural divide   A professional tablaplayer   Tablasolo in Dielsdorf    
  Tablasolo in Trossingen   in Durban (South Africa)   in Munich    
  in Sagar (India)   Sitarconcert - with Shahana Banerjee in Museum Villa Rot   Sarodrecital - with Ken Zuckerman    
  Sarodrecital - with Kalyan Mukherjee   Bansuriconcert - with Stephanie Bosch   Violinconcert - with Indrayudh Bose    
  Kathakdance - with Sudeshna Maulik   Music for the film - Die Legende von Shiva und Parvati   Preview Tablasolo    
  Tablaworkshop   With Violinplayer Indrayudh Bose   With Sarodplayer Kalyan Mukherjee    
  Dschiggetai - Wagnis   in Maharashtra (India)   In Hyderabad (India)    
  Organized by Goethe-Institut Hyderabad   With Sitarplayer Rajib Karmakar   Tribute concert for Surendran Reddy    
  Rain Dance Orchestra   25 Jahre indisches Kulturinstitut (Foto 13-19)   tribute concert in durban    
  Bodensee Woche   Telugu 2011   Gesicht der Woche - Suedkurier, 2014    
  German has Indian music at his fingertips - The Hindu, 2013   Remembering Pandit Ravi Shankar - Deccan Chronicle, 2013   RDurch Disziplin zur Ekstase    
  Rastatt_Oct12_2014   With Guruji at MERU 2015   EsslingerZeitung    
  Seite_5_Zurcher_Unterlander_2017-10-24   Concert with Rakesh Chaurasia and Siddharth Kishna      
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